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born with enlarged liver
« on: November 07, 2009, 09:52:57 PM »
I'm currently a student on the 300 level. I have a grandson born with an enlarged liver.  He has had many tests and at 12 months, there are still no answers. He suffers with chronic constipation. His doctor prescribed laxitves twice a day. Instead, we have tried to control his constipation with fruit juice and the Kide reg. That seemed to help. Now, even that is not working.  We don't want to go the drug route, but what else can we do for him? It seems like the liver specialist is only looking to cover up his symptoms, instead of fixing the problem.  If anyone has any ideas, please respond. Also, if anyone knows where we can get help for him, please let me know. 


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Re: born with enlarged liver
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2009, 11:30:00 AM »
I think the Kid-Reg is a good idea. Fruit Juice may or may not be, depending on which fruit. Also use freshly ground flaxseeds on a daily basis. Of course no milk, dairy, or animal products.

Have you tried the 3 oil massage and fomentions over the liver? It is 2 days castor oil, 2 days olive oil, 2 days wheat germ oil massaged over the liver in a clockwise direction.

Perhaps some foot reflexology would help too-I don't have details on that, but perhaps someone else does.

Since he is only 12 months old, I don't know about any liver cleanses for him. Maybe a Master Herbalist could help more in that area.

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