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Testimonials From Our Students
"I knew that I made the right choice"
I have thoroughly enjoyed the “Family Herbalist” program and cannot wait to continue my studies through the “School of Natural Healing”.  Thank you so much for all you do.  I checked out numerous schools before I found yours, and I have to say it was the story of Dr. Christopher that you have available online is what helped me decide to go with you guys.  As I watched the videos, specifically, I knew that I made the right choice.  I only wish I could have found you sooner.  My mother died two years ago…she had a whole list “conditions”, but I sum it up best as total system failure.  Her death wasn’t the hardest though, it was her dying and suffering for 20 years.  She was 54.  I know that your teachings and programs could have saved her.  It is my hope to learn as much as I can and s it on to as many as I can and help as many people as possible so others wont have to suffer like she did.

Thank you for doing the Lord’s work.  For this is what I believe in my heart that you are doing.

God Bless you all.

Tamera R.
Lubbock, Texas
Since 1953 students of The School of Natural Healing, and those who have used the information from our students, have witnessed miracles in health and healing.  We literally have file cabinets full of testimonials from the paper days, and computer files with several gigabytes of testimonials more recently.  Far too many to share them all.

We've selected several testimonials from over the years for you to read and watch here.
"Now I feel I don't have to depend on someone else"
Fawn & David,

Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful knowledge & running this wonderful school.  It has helped with my family, including pets, so many times that it has more than paid for the program.  And I am just beginning to learn.

The best part is now I feel I don’t have to depend on someone else for our health.  My hat goes off to both of you for the fine jobs you do. 

Thank you again for everything you have done to change my life. 


Pam W
Mansfield, OH
"I have really enjoyed this series of lectures"
I have really enjoyed this series of lectures.  David is a wonderful teacher.  His knowledge and deep feeling really enhance his effectiveness as a teacher.  When one feels as strongly as David does it only makes those who listen to him want to learn more.  He is truly a great inspiration.”

Vicki R
Sweetwater, TX
"I feel like I have learned so much"
You have a wonderful study program and I feel like I have learned so much.  I have a better understanding about how the human body works and more importantly how to keep it working.  I look forward to the rest of my studies.  Thank you.

L. Whitney
I expected the seminar to be good.  It was better than good - it was a life changing experience.  It was exciting, fascinating, stimulating, inspiring, and a lot of fun.  Like Dr. Christopher, The School challenged us to go beyond timid, self imposed limits to become confident natural healers.

B. McCandless
"it was a life changing experience"
Since beginning this course, I've changed my entire life. I've stopped eating meats and dairy and have been trying to follow Dr. Christopher's philosophy.  I've lost 19 pounds, my eyes and skin are clearer, and I can definitely feel a difference in my overall health.

Both my husband and I contracted a cold a few weeks ago - we woke up with raging sore throats. I stayed with my herbal remedies - the cayenne, honey and garlic for the throat, along with red raspberry/peppermint tea, etc. My sore throat was gone the next day and my cold was gone in 3. My husband is still sick. He says we didn't have the same cold - but I know better!

Patricia B
"I can definitely feel a difference in my overall health"
I really enjoyed Dr. Mom's Healthy Living.  I got alot from her real life stories and appreciated that she shared them.  I was able to easily retain the information she presented.  I also loved the book "How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor". (This should be a required handbook for every parent/parent to be.)  I loved the fact that the author is a Pediatrician.  Also, I love the fact that your Master Herbalist Program is online.

Again, my deepest thanks for offering this program online.  I am very touched at a deep soul level the more I learn about these subjects and intend on using the gained knowledge as a future career in assisting others towards good health.  Thanks for making it possible to learn about Dr. Christopher's miraculous natural remedies and healthy living lifestyle.

K. Carlisle
"I am very touched at a deep soul level the more I learn"
What I liked about the course was that it made me understand why diseases happen and how our bodies react very sensitively to any imbalances. It also empowered me to say to myself that I can be my own healer and not depend so much on conventional medicine.

I definitely like the philosophy behind Dr. Christopher. He truly was a great healer. He set an example not only for himself but for those who he healed and to those who he wanted to share his knowledge with. His legacy will live on.

Jeanne C
"I can be my own healer and not depend
so much on conventional medicine"
The information I have learned from taking these courses is invaluable! I only wish I had known these things while I was raising my children. Some of my family think I'm crazy, others have been patient as I have used them as my experiments.

It is so empowering knowing I don't have to rely on doctors! I've had so much success using Dr. Christopher's formulas. The changes in my eating habits have given me more energy and less headaches. I always thought I knew about nutrition, but we as the public are misinformed.

I will forever be grateful for the knowledge I have gained through this school.

Ann A
"I will forever be grateful for the knowledge I have gained"
I've been involved in Natural health for over ten years. I liked the fact that the information in the course is accurate and credible, so I don't have to cross-reference everything that I read and learned. I also liked the fact that I could work at my own pace in the comfort of my home.

I think this school and the courses are a fantastic way to help increase the awareness, knowledge and natural health of the world. There is so much misinformation (a.k.a. lies) out there, especially when it comes to healthcare, that it's really refreshing to get the truth explained in such an easy to learn format.

Ambrose A
"it's really refreshing to get the truth
explained in such an easy to learn format"
I felt like I learned a lot and that I will be able to help my family become more self reliant when it comes to healing. I've always been interested in the healing properties of herbs, but I never realized just how beneficial they can be.

Thank you for putting so much time and effort into helping people like me understand and learn to use herbs to benefit ourselves and our loved ones. I really have learned a lot and hope to continue learning. And thank you for making it so accessible. This was exactly what I was looking for

Amy P
"This was exactly what I was looking for"
I'm 45 with my wife pregnant with our 8th child on the way. I was steadily gaining weight and feeling very sluggish with hypothyroidism and multiple food allergies/sensitivities with the accompanying bowel problems.

I had been under the care of an M.D. who switched from Family Practice to Allergies & Environmental Medicine - an area of medicine which is decried intensively by the AMA. Well, although I got some relief, he didn't offer to cure the food allergies and thyroid problems.

I believe that grains are part of the blessings God gave man for nourishment, and knew that if that was true, then I should still be able to eat them without problems. I knew about Dr. Christopher because my father bought The School of Natural Healing when I was about 12 and I remember perusing it at various times.

About 7 months ago, I decided to take matters into my own hands, read Dr Christopher in more depth and started with the 3 day cleanse then onto the mucusless diet. 7 months later I have lost 35 lbs and am feeling great. I had to learn more, so I signed up for the Family Herbalist class. I now have the hope that when i am 65 and older i'll still be able to be an active dad with and for my children.

William B
"7 months later I have lost 35 lbs and am feeling great"
I like that the material is so common sense and easy to use.  I like being able to go online anytime to work on it so if I have more time one day or week, I can work more. 

I like being able to get more of Dr. Christopher material, I have been studying and using it with my family of 9 children for about 30 years now.  I can count on one hand the times I have taken my children to the doctor. 

All of the remedies and formulas I have used have been very successful.  We mix up the LB formula in several pound batches for all of the extended family.  I use the yarrow, elder, peppermint for cold and flu.  Dr. Christopher feels like part of my family. 

My cousin had a son wounded in Afghanistan in November.  He had his leg shattered.  She has been giving him BF&C with the comfrey in it.  In January he went back to Maryland Hospital for more surgery.  The doctors said they had never seen such bone growth as he had.  My cousin is VERY grateful for the formula. 

If we could have everyone use Dr. Christopher Program, we wouldn't need the ridiculous Health Care Bill our government is trying to pass. 

Tresa O
"Dr. Christopher feels like part of my familiy"
I love all the information and knowledge that this course is able to provide.  I have learned a lot about how our bodies function and why illnesses and disease happen, and how to help our bodies heal.  I have learned more from this course than I did in my college classes on health and wellness.

I really admire the life that Dr. Christopher lead, not just in his healing methods, but how he treated others.  Thank you so much for this course.  The information is amazing!

Debra W
"The information is amazing!"
"Some amazing stories from my
first year using this information!"
Dear David and Fawn Christopher,

I am one of the 2,000 new students that joined the School of Natural
Healing Online last year. I am currently finishing level 500 and have felt a
need to send this letter along with a profound sense of gratitude to you for
the work that you are doing in shedding light on the miracle of our bodies
and the beautiful healing foods and plants prepared for us by a loving

I wanted to take a minute and share some experiences I have had since I
have began my studies with you and The School of Natural Healing. The
following stories are just a fraction of what I have experienced since
starting the school last year.

The Beginning

I have an 8 year old daughter, Katie, who has Down Syndrome. She has
suffered chronic ear and sinus infections for years. We were constantly in
the doctor’s office for another round of antibiotics. I knew that they were
harsh on the body and was extremely concerned for her. One day I
expressed my concern to her pediatrician that there must be something
we could do to strengthen her immune system or eliminate something
from her diet. I was laughed at and told it was just the lot Katie had been
given and she would always be sick. I was furious.

I looked around for an alternative, signed up for the School of Natural
Healing and Katie has not been back to any doctor in almost a year. We
have all but eliminated milk from her diet and when she does start in on a
sinus or ear infection we start her on Dr. Christopher’s Infection Formula
and Kid-e-Mune and the results are immediate.

Cayenne, X-ceptic, and BF&C

Just weeks into the first class I was chopping carrots and sliced my thumb
clear down to the bone, severing the nerves. I could tell I had severed the
nerves because the pain was not only in my thumb but in the other fingers
and down my hand as well. I don’t know if I should admit this or not but
when I saw the blood gushing from my thumb I was excited because I
could see if Cayenne would really stop the bleeding in 10 seconds. I put a
tsp of cayenne into a glass of water and drank it and sure enough…it

I then walked over to my neighbor who is a nurse. She and I had talked
several times previous about what I had been learning. I asked her if I was
stupid for not going to the ER for stitches. She was concerned that I didn’t
want to go but curious as well. I covered my thumb with X-ceptic and
BF&C and put on a bandaid. I did this several times a day and was
fascinated as the days progressed and there was no infection setting in.

Soon the nerves in my thumb and the surrounding fingers began tingling
as they healed. Within a couple of weeks you couldn’t tell I had ever cut
my thumb.

My mother and Kidney Failure

By mid summer I had finished the level 100 course and had just started
level 200 when I got a call from my sister telling me that my mother wasn’t
doing very well. I packed up my herbs and drove the five hours to my
parent’s home. I wanted to cry when I walked in and saw my mom. Her
entire body was so swollen you could barely recognize her. The doctor’s
office had just phoned in test results shortly before I arrived. She was in
Kidney Failure. They told her to let them know if she got worse and they
would see her the next week. I couldn’t believe it. KIDNEY FAILURE?

I looked at my mom and said, “Mom, I can help you if you will let me”. She
must have been scared because she agreed. I really didn’t know what I
was doing because I had only been studying for a few weeks but it had to
be better then, “See you next week.” I put her on the three day juice
cleanse and the extended herbal cleanse.

Because it was kidney failure we emphasized the Kidney Formula. I took
her off her water pill and substituted Dandelion instead. Because she is
diabetic, I also put her on the Pancreas Formula. We eliminated all dairy
products and the soda pop. Her neck was so swollen that we did Mullein
and Lobelia fomentations for several nights.

I stayed for ten days. When she went in the blood tests the following week
she was out of danger, the swelling was almost gone and all her numbers
were headed in the right direction. Over the next several weeks they
continued to improve: Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar levels, Cholesterol
levels…all of them.

I will never forget my dad walking me to my car as I prepared to leave. He
hugged me goodbye and said that I had probably saved my mother’s life.
I cried all the way home. Me, after only a few weeks was able to
participate in a miracle.

Swine Flu

This past October our entire family was blessed with the dreaded swine
flu. Although the hospital was flooded with emergencies and had no beds
left, we didn’t even need to see a doctor. Even Katie pulled through like a
trooper. I was amazed the night I went up to bed and heard her horrible
cough. I just rubbed X-ceptic, Mullein and Lobelia, and Anti-Spasmodic
onto her little chest and she never coughed again the rest of the night.

Although we did all the immune strenghthening things we could:
Immucalm, Echinacea, ElderFlower and Peppermint, Infection, modified
Cold Sheet Treatments, etc. we still had our favorite “symptom” reliever.
Our family called it the Swine Flu Cocktail. We would mix tinctures of
White Willow Bark, Kava Kava, and a few drops of Lobelia into a little
juice. It took the edge off the headaches and sore throats so we could

Migraines and Hormonal Changease

Through diet I had been able to get rid of all my migraines except the one
that happens with my cycle. I know I will eventually go through a Herbal
regimine for this but I am already taking so many herbs with the extended
cleanse, and others that I decided to wait.

A few months ago I started in with what I call, a period migraine. I took
four Hormonal Changease capsules and two Wheat Germ Oil capsules
and the pain was gone within a couple of hours. I now do this the first two
mornings of my cycle and have been migraine free for three months.

My 92 year old Grandmother

Last month I got a call from my dad that my grandmother wasn’t feeling
well. She had a slight fever and elevated blood pressure so they were
taking her to the hospital. She was recovering from hemorrhoid surgery.
Within two days of being in the hospital, she couldn’t walk, or eat and was
on her second blood transfusion.

Although they ran some obligatory tests the doctors were quite calloused
and just kept saying that she was 92 and this is what happens when you
are 92. She continued to deterriorate and a few days later she was
transferred to Hospice and the family was called in.

In Hospice they will let you bring in whatever you want so I brought my
juicer and started her on fresh carrot juice, Vitalerbs and Herbal Iron. We
also gave her Slippery Elm Gruel. I was there for one week and watched
her go from lying there helpless to sitting up, feeding herself and
beginning to walk. Everyone was amazed at her recovery.

Again, I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that someone as simple as I
with simple knowledge could participate in a miracle. Thank you.

Burn Paste

While I was there to help my grandmother, my mother burned her hand on
the element in the oven. It was burned badly and she was in a lot of pain.
(Again, I am terrible but all I could think was…cool I get to make a burn
paste…I haven’t done that yet).

I had her soak her hand in cold water while I made the paste. I explained
what I learned about pain and how it is misunderstood. I told her she
wouldn’t even need a Tylenol if she would keep the burn paste on. If she
woke up in pain during the night just put more on and go back to bed. We
watched the skin soak it up right where the burn was and not around the
edges. It was amazing.

My dad was speechless that she didn’t have any pain. Two days later she
left it off all day while she did laundry. By evening the pain had returned
with a vengeance. She didn’t do that again and the burn healed within a
couple of weeks.

Broken Foot

Last week my 16 year old son was skateboarding and broke his foot. I
asked the doctor not to cast it so I could have him soak it. She was great
and worked with me. I had him soak his foot in comfrey tea, sleep in
BF&C fomentations and take about 15-20 “00” BF&C capsules a day.

He broke it Thursday evening and by Sunday night was starting to put
pressure on it. By Tuesday he was (I am not kidding) in tennis shoes,
hiking the Redwoods in California and tromping through caves. When we
went back the following Thursday (7 days later) the Doctor couldn’t
believe it.

I know you probably hear from people all the time but I still felt the need to
thank you for continuing the work of your father and our Father. While I
thank God daily for the miracle of bringing this knowledge into my life and
allowing my to be a tool to bless others, I needed to thank you as well. For
every one of these stories there are others I did not cite. It has been an
incredible year. Thank you for teaching me.

Terri J.
"I don't know of anything else out there like this course"
I learned so much for a beginning course, I was amazed.  It is vital information for anyone who wants to use natural herbs for healing instead of pharmaceutical medicines.

thank you for having this program.  I don't know of anything else out there like this course.  It is a blessing to have this information for myself and to be able to help my family.

Beverly R.
I have always believed that we have been given the way to heal ourselves. This course has given me more tools to use and share with family and friends. I love the gifts that Dr. Christopher has left behind and look forward to continuing this path of learning.

Valerie C.
"This course has given me more tools to use"
"...very down to earth and easy to understand"
Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful course, and for making it available online! I've benefited greatly from the Family Herbalist course and look forward to taking additional classes in the future :)

I liked many things about this course, but I most especially liked and appreciated the wisdom and humility shown by Dr. Christopher (and his son, David!). They are both very down to earth and easy to understand.

Kristina S.